Monday, July 4, 2016

Condo Project Management

A new, luxury condominium, managed by Empire Projects, Inc, has topped out.

The condominium building is located in the Highline area of Manhattan. It is app. 100,000 sf and features 31 luxury condominiums designed by a well-known, award-winning architect.

The building promises to be an important addition to the New York City skyline.

Topped out, in the case of a concrete superstructure such as this project, means that the last of the concrete superstructure has been completed. This is an important milestone in a new building, in that it allows for the exterior envelope (such as curtain wall or wall and window wall) to be installed.

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For condo project management, see:

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Project management of a condominium or coop apartment building in Manhattan requires an understanding of what makes a successful residential design, and how that design can be implemented appropriately through the construction process.

The residential project manager must work to guide and manage the project to meet the client’s budget, schedule and quality expectations. Another factor for the project manager of an apartment renovation, is the interface with the coop or condo building’s ownership and management. This is where the experience of the project manager is particularly relevant, as the construction project manager must not only review and understand the building’s design and construction guidelines, but must make sure that the project design and construction conforms to those guidelines. In addition, the apartment's location in Manhattan requires expertise in the logistics of building in Manhattan, as well as the approval process of the New York City Building Department, and the New York City Fire Department.

Empire Projects, Inc. has extensive experience managing residential building construction in New York and is ideally suited to project manage a coop or condo apartment building project.

For more information about how to project manage the design and construction of a successful coop or condominium building in an urban setting such as Manhattan, please contact Empire Projects, Inc.:

Empire Projects, Inc.
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