Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facade Repair Project to be Managed by Empire Projects, Inc.

Facade repair in high rise buildings is important to both building owners as well as the general public. When required, facade repair must be done promptly, in a technically correct and comprehensive manner, and with construction methodologies which do not endanger the general public.

Facade repair projects require technically and experienced architects, contractors, and project management companies.

Project management company Empire Projects, Inc. was recently selected to project manage a facade repair project for a building in midtown Manhattan. An initial engineering report has been expedited, to begin the process of correcting the facade issues as quickly as possible.

Acting as Owner’s Representative for a facade repair and maintenance project requires an understanding of what makes a successful project design, and how that design can be implemented appropriately through the construction process. Since the work involves the safety of the public, it is an important that the work be designed properly and constructed properly. In addition, construction safety is an important consideration, and NYC has enacted legislation in the last several years to mandate the safety of the construction workers and process on projects, and other projects involving the exteriors of NYC’s buildings. The project manager manages the design and construction process, to make sure the project is progressing, and to make sure that the project is meeting the client’s budget, schedule and quality expectations. In addition, the building's location in NYC requires expertise in the logistics of building in Manhattan, as well as the approval process of the New York City Building Department. Empire Projects, Inc. is ideally suited to project manage a renovation, due to the fact that the company is owned and operated by licensed professionals with an average of at least 20 years experience. The company president, William N. Bernstein, AIA, is a Yale-trained, registered architect, with over 30 years experience in the project management of high profile, demanding projects, including projects in both the commercial and residential sectors.

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